Today as I was reading I came to Cindy Beall’s post. Her and I went through similar experiences with our marriages. I follow her blog regularly.

Cindy uses:

Proverbs 12:4
4 A worthy wife is a crown for her husband,
but a disgraceful woman is like cancer in his bones.

I’m going one step further and adding:

Proverbs 31:10-12
10 Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?
She is more precious than rubies.
11 Her husband can trust her,
and she will greatly enrich his life.
12 She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life.

The scripture says that her husband can trust her and that she will greatly enrich his life. How can we do this when we are contemptuous? The dictionary defines contemptuous as:

  1. the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn.
  2. the state of being despised; dishonor; disgrace.

There was a time when I was disgraceful and dishonoring. It was a very long time ago. It was when I was married to my first husband. He was abusive and I rebelled. It was dishonoring to God to say the least. I personally don’t see how I could be dishonoring someone abusive to me. But, being disrespectful is another matter.

When we don’t respect ourselves we’re not going to respect others.

I learned to be respectful. I learned to respect myself and as that developed I learned to respect others. I’m honoring my current husband  today. There was a short period where things starting falling apart and neither one of us showed respect. That all changed.

Like Cindy tells of her friend’s method of honoring her husband. I like to dress up and look nice for my husband. I do not wear makeup, but I take care of myself. I dress nicely and keep my hair fixed. Don’t get me wrong, I have my jammie days. I never leave my jammies on when I know my husband will be home though. I always clean up and make sure to be dressed and fixed up before he arrives.

There’s so much more that can be said here. There’s plenty of time to build on it. There will be more posts later. Until then, be honoring to your husband. You’ll see a change in him toward you as well.

Leave me comment and thoughts if you like.