1 Corinthians 7:34
His interests are divided. — But a married woman has to think about her earthly responsibilities and how to please her husband.

Does your countenance change as you feel the anger welling up inside you? Your facial expression turns to grimacing, lips curled and the teeth show like a mad dog ready to attack with a growl turning to a roar. All of a sudden you’re roaring out commands. And all this toward your husband. Not a very attractive or pleasing scene, ay?

Men don’t require much. They can even take rejection to a degree.

You’ve heard the expression “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”? It’s true!

Turn on your female charm using a soft loving voice, turning on a genuine smile with love.

Learn to recognize those signs of anger, disrespect and contempt. Listed below:

Some physical signs of anger include:

  • clenching your jaws or grinding your teeth
  • headache
  • stomach ache
  • increased and rapid heart rate
  • sweating, especially your palms
  • feeling hot in the neck/face
  • shaking or trembling
  • dizziness

Emotionally you may feel:

  • like you want to get away from the situation
  • irritated
  • sad or depressed
  • guilty
  • resentful
  • anxious
  • like striking out verbally or physically

Also, you may notice that you are:

  • rubbing your head
  • cupping your fist with your other hand
  • pacing
  • getting sarcastic
  • losing your sense of humor
  • acting in an abusive or abrasive manner
  • craving a drink, a smoke or other substances that relax you
  • raising your voice
  • beginning to yell, scream, or cry

[Info can be found here along with more info on the subject of anger.]

There was a time that I was a very angry person. I yelled a lot… I had all the signs listed above. There was a lot wrong around me. I was coming out fighting. I wasn’t giving up without a fight. The problem was, I wasn’t trusting God to work it out and get me through it. Is this the same for you?

If we don’t learn to trust God things will never change. We’ll be the same contemptuous person. God is not a God of anger. That is the adversary’s department. The adversary likes to trick us into believing we have a right to be angry. We’re not being treated fairly.

No where in God’s word does it say that life will be fair. All bets were off when Adam & Eve disobeyed God in the Garden and were cast out to live a life of pain and trials.

It is because of Jesus, the Son of God, that bridges us back to God in reconciliation when Jesus took on the sins of all time, prior, present and future. The victory is won. The adversary has no hold on us. Don’t give into him. Turn your eyes to Jesus, our Father God, in Heaven. Soak up His word and be in His presence. Feel His warm embrace as He wraps you in His grace and mercy comforting your soul, mind and body. He wishes You to come to Him with ALL you have. Give it all to Him. Leave it with Him. Cry out to Jesus. He will comfort Your soul.

Love and care for your husband. When I finally gave into Jesus my whole life turned around. The adversary shook and fell to the ground as I spake the name of Jesus. You can do the same thing.

Won’t you do it now? Fall to your knees with hands raised high to the Heavens calling out to Jesus. He **will** comfort you. Rebuke the adversary in Jesus’ name! See what happens!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father God, I lift up these hurting wives as they reach out to YOU. I pray in Jesus’ name that they will seek You and allow You to cover them with Your grace and mercy. I pray they will recognize their signs of anger and give it up to You allowing You to wipe away their tears and anger. I pray that they will show love and care to their husbands creating a great relationship between You and their husbands. And that the two will have a great relationship with YOU. In Jesus’ name, amen.