Focus on the Family Community: Your Family Live: October 27, 2010: Every Marriage Can Thrive! (Dr. Gary Smalley; Ted Cunningham).

“Your spouse is the perfect mate you’ve always dreamt of … right? Always willing to help with the dishes, put the kids to bed, and anxiously hear about your day?” …. Click above link to read the rest of the description.

This is a new area Focus On The Family has started. Live! Webcasts. If you miss the live webcast you can catch it in the archives later.

Dr. Gary Smalley has been the author of many publications to help the family. Ted Cunningham has co-authored several publications with Dr. Smalley. They work well together in serving the family.

Take time to listen in and see what they have in store for our marriages to thrive.

Click the prayer request button above and post your prayer requests concerning your marriage or marriages you know of that need prayer. There’s a lot of hurting marriages right now. I’d like to lift them up to the LORD. He’s our ultimate marriage counselor. Amen.