In my morning reading I came across this article:

When you and your spouse married, I’m sure you expected to have a healthy and active sexual relationship together. That’s great—that’s what God intended. Unfortunately, the daily stress of life often gets in the way of sex, distracting the attention of a husband and wife from each other and from pleasing each other. Click here to continue reading.

Read the article. Then come back and read the rest of this post. Go on… I’ll give you time.

Ok! I had problems. I had some strict ideas about sex.

First, I was sexually abused/molested. A child of incest. Then in my first marriage sexually abused again. In more than one way. I won’t get graphic. It conjures up too many bad memories. Besides… I’ve forgiven my abusers and have moved on in my spiritual growth. And, that my friends, is what it’s all about. Forgiveness. Without it, we will be stuck and not be able to move on or grow in the LORD.

During my first marriage I attended church. Almost all of the people were geriatric. They learned from their parents behaviors and their parents before them. They all swept sex talk under the rug as if it was a dirty word. If sex was mentioned it was hushed up right away. It was some secret that wasn’t supposed to be out. Anyone who did talk about it made sex out to be something you did in the dark under covers. Like husband and wife weren’t supposed to see each other’s bodies and as if they were only supposed to have intercourse quietly so nobody knew they were sexually active… C’mon… give. me. a. break. The article linked above mentions specifically how God created sex to be. It surely wasn’t meant to be swept under the rug and kept in the dark. It is not evil. That is unless it is used in an evil manner… pornography, abuse, etc. God’s word is very clear on sex being between husband and wife in a loving romantic manner.

Song of Solomon is a very sensual book of the Bible. That tells me right there that God is very sensual. Also, in Genisis when HE talks about being fruitful and multiply. Fruitful sounds sensual to me. There’s 8 chapters. Read each one. You can read it in a week. There’s great poetry and romance in it. It’s like reading a romance novel. Only better!

I even had problems with the idea of sex in my current marriage. Even though I knew God’s word talked in detail about relations between husband and wife; I felt dirty when I made love to my husband. Well, my husband had his own issues to contend with. I won’t detail it all here. I won’t humiliate ourselves to that degree. Although dealing with all this with God is a very humbling experience.

My husband was trying to make love to me and wanted me to return the favor. However, I didn’t. He would say that I was “like a dead cold fish” and that I was “frigid”. He knew about my past experience. One thing led to another through many circumstances.

God took something very ugly and turned it into something very beautiful. My husband tells me that he has no desire for anything or anyone else except me now. That’s saying a lot!

HE turned a lily that was dying into a very beautiful bloom. HE brought me back to life!

HE can do the same for each of you suffering. It all starts with forgiveness. My friend Suzie Eller has a great Vlog Bible Study going right now about forgiveness. Go here (YouTube playlist. Take your time.) to watch up and then go to your prayer closet and work things out with God… then spouse… then anyone else involved in the past. It’s a process. It will not happen over night… that is unless you totally surrender yourself to God and let God work it out. We aren’t able to go it alone. God is The Master Author & Finisher of life. HE can make it all right with you. Will you let him?

Prayer: Dear Heavenly GOD, I lift up my readers to YOU as they read through and deal with their issues surrounding sex, marriage and relationships. I pray that Your grace and mercy washes over them and covers them with Your peace that passes all understanding. I pray that my readers can reach out to YOU and let YOU in. I trust and love YOU Father God with all I am. Thank YOU for all that YOU are doing and continue to do in my life. I pray for better relationships. I pray for all forgiveness and moving/pushing past the pain to see what a beautiful lily we are. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.