Christian-Spouse-Swap by Dave Bruskas

“There is nothing Christian about swapping spouses, right? Right! Jesus made it clear that marriage is for life between one man and one woman living together as one flesh. There isn’t room for another person in this equation. Nor is there an option for trading up.” [Excerpt from linked article.]

  • Click the linked title to read full article. It’s a PDF file.

What with all this chatter about marriage from Mars Hill Church I thought it fitting to share the linked article posted by a network pastor there.

We’ve all seen or heard about the popular TV Series about spouse swapping. Well, the linked article looks at it from a Godly spiritual point of view.

At some point in our lives we get this attitude that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. My joke about that is that it’s because the septic tank is over there!

In the linked article it discusses being a new person in Christ. When we surrender, repent and seek forgiveness and accept Yeshua, The Messiah, as our savior the Holy Spirit enters in and we became like new creatures. In doing so we are changed people. Our marriages take on a whole new point of view.

As marrieds we need to be surrendering our marriages to Yahweh and allowing a marriage makeover.

I recall, in 2009, after God shook, rattled and rolled me and my husband’s marriage. We both had our baggage and issues. We entered into marriage carrying that baggage and issues along. In all that happened God took all that baggage and tossed into the rubbish patch to be lost forever. We became new creatures and got a new lease of our marriage. We were like newlyweds.

God loves each of us so much HE doesn’t desire us to be miserable. There’s going to be conflict as we each have our opinions, attitudes and personalities. That doesn’t mean we have to be completely different all together. God’s words in Genesis talks about leaving our parents and cleaving one to another, marriage, and becoming one in HIM. It’s hard to be one when we’re trying to be two. We each need to take responsibility and compromise a bit to make things work out. We each have strengths that the other doesn’t have. Working together as one creates a strong bond holding it together.

Do you need a marriage makeover? Invite God in and allow Him to do a spouse swap and create a new couple in HIM.

Prayer: “Dear Father God, I lift up the marrieds out there that need a marriage makeover. I pray that they will seek You and allow You to work a miracle in their lives. I pray You will meet their needs. I thank You in advance for hearing and answering my prayer. In the name of The Messiah, Yeshua. Amen.”