We, my husband and myself, are following a sermon series on marriage at our church. Today, I came across this article:

The article is directed toward husbands being understanding of their wives. I’m going to be general and just focus of spouses in general.

How many times have you come in from somewhere and found your spouse snappy and on edge? Circumstances that cause stress and chaos affect people in every part of their lives.

When there’s hectic activity going on or decisions to be made that are important it causes stress on everyone. While some people are more sensitive than others the stress is still the there. I’m one of those more sensitive people. It’ll become clear in a minute about this.

I’ve always stuck to the school of thought: Be pro-active or re-active. When we’re stressed to the limit we each need some TLC to get us through it.

One time I read this story about a family getting ready for the day and each one going to their respective places for the day, i.e., Job, School, etc. There’s the hustle and bustle going on in the house. Dad’s eating his breakfast and reading the paper, the kids are eating breakfast, Mom’s running around doing everything from serving to packing things up to depart when all of a sudden, she spills coffee on her blouse. This is where the story has two directions to choose from:

  1. She flies off the handle and blows up at everyone yelling and having a fit about the blouse and everyone gets upset and everyone becomes late and ends up in a foul mood the rest of the day.
  2. She calmly excuses herself and goes to change her blouse and comes back to the kitchen to pack everyone up to go out for the day. Everyone’s in a good mood and on their way.

We can choose to be pro-active and just deal with things calmly or be re-active and blow up at everyone creating a foul mood.

The thing is… if one person is more affected by a situation than another then the one less affected can stand back and evaluate and be supportive to help the other through it. It’s not easy. It takes practice and active listening. Active listening will be another post. But, for now, do your own research and check it out.