Dennis Rainey says: “You’ll need to spend the rest of your life learning how to romance your spouse.” in this article: Rekindling the Fire of Romance

Do you still have an inferno going in your marriage?

As Dennis says: It’s a lifetime of work. The thing is: Are we willing to put in the work to keep the flames lit? The linked article has examples of scripture from the Song of Solomon. It’s the most sensuous and romantic book of the Bible, expressing love between man and wife.

We all get distracted with life and the flame can get close to and, for some, go out. We all have different love languages. We’ve quickly discovered my primary love language is quality time. That, my friends, is akin to building a great relationship. For the most part, it is a female thing. However, it does cross the gender barrier. Don’t let “the guy OR the gal thing” fool you.

There’s been several times our flame went out and we rekindled it and lit it back up. The thing is: are we willing to? Do we want it? Don’t let the adversary fool you into believing you do not want it. Because, with the Holy Spirit in you, GOD wants it for you. We’re to glorify God, not satan. What does God want? He wants us to build good relationships. He wants us to love and care for each other.

So, are you marrieds ready to fan those flames and keep an inferno of love and romance going?

Prayer: Dear Heavenly GOD, Adonai, I lift up all the marriages up to YOU and ask that YOU guide them. Meet their needs Father GOD. Thank YOU for using me to share YOUR love and teachings. In the name of Yeshua, The Messiah, amen.