Piggybacking off of Alycia Morales: The Thoughtful Spot: Thoughtful Words – Spousal Words blog post. I appreciate Alycia’s post because it’s very positive and transparent.

Let me for a moment. Just a few short years ago, I was the nagging, curmudgeon wife. My husband had his own things going on. All we were doing is backbiting one another. Taking each other away piece by piece. It got pretty intense. Without going into the gory details, I will say this: We were at the point of separation. What stopped us you ask? Well, let me tell you.

I learned how to forgive as well as he did. I showed him the grace of God as well as he showed me the grace of God. We learned to lean more on God allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work, being married. We need to allow God to cultivate the fruits of the spirit in us.

We had to learn to encourage each other. At one point I recalled reading the book: “The Five Love Languages”. We learned back then what each others primary love languages are. We started invoking that activity. Respecting each other and loving each other came so much easier.

I still get frustrating… I’m human, that’s what we do. But, because I have the help of the Holy Spirit in me and leaning on God, I can get through the tough situations. And so can you.

Prayer: Lord Father God, I lift up the spouses around the World and ask that YOU put conviction in their hearts to seek only YOU and to trust only YOU. I pray that they give into Your calling to them. I pray they love, care and honor each other. In doing so, they love and honor YOU as well. Thank YOU Father God for hearing and answering this prayer. In the name of the Messiah Yeshua, amen.