Recently, my marriage experience was challenged in a way that felt like it was spiralling into something that was not going to turn out well.

I’ve been going through a transformation to bring myself back inline with GOD and my marriage. Also, rebuilding myself as a Godly wife for my husband. Working to be an example of Christ. We need to know we’re not alone and there are others out there you can find support and encouragement from who’ve been through an experience like yours and came out the other side stronger in GOD.

Today, I came across a BlogTalk Radio show aired through a Radio Network – Christian Women Affiliate. This is where I want to express my thanks in the tireless work in the LORD my blog friend and sister in Christ exhibits, Lisa Shaw – Lisa Shaw Shares Ministry, to help struggling wives/mothers and women in general.

Join Cherie Zack and Rebecca LeCompte from The Imperfect Wives Ministry as they share their faith as wives and all that God is doing through the ministry to touch the lives of other wives.

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It is a lot of work to be married. We must remember to stay in God’s Word and fellowship with other women for support and encouragement. In the radio broadcast, the women discuss meeting with women who are married and have come through struggles and have a stronger faith and marriage because of it. We all need to be mentored at times in our lives. At some point, we’ll end up mentoring others in need as well. It’s an awesome merciful and gracious cycle of being humble in the LORD.

Prayer: Father GOD, I lift up the readers who stop in at this blog who are struggling right now and need mercy and grace to get them through. I know and trust YOU will meet their needs. Just like YOU’VE been meeting my needs. Praise YOUR Holy Name, amen.