5 Lessons I’ve Already Learned as a New Wife

Today, I received an email from Family Life Today’s Marriage Memo Devotional.

The link above is EA Lepine’s suggestions for new wives. My take is that we’re never too far into marriage to take in the advice given in her post.

We, as Christian wives, need to be aware of our situation. Being intentional in our marriage and living our lives as Christ intended.

When we pay attention to our mental and emotional state and focus on GOD, our husband’s behavior will follow ours. Unless he’s far deep into sin so that he isn’t in vertical alignment. That’s where we become intentional with our prayers for our husbands. We don’t pray that GOD will change him because of what we want. We pray that GOD do a divine work in our husbands for HIS glory and honor. Lift up our husbands to GOD.

That being said, we also in all this need to encourage and lift up our husbands, privately and publicly. You’ll be blessed as well as your husband.

That’s not to say our marriages will be a bed of roses 24/7. Quite the contrary, at times. The adversary would love nothing more than to see our marriages in total chaos and in divisiveness. Seeking GOD and staying close to HIM all the time will help us get through the rough patches.

One thing I hold onto is that when we’re going through trials it’s a test of faith and time for character building. We can go one of two ways. We can become bitter, hostile and angry, holding resentment toward our spouse from some situation, letting it fester into something very bad. Or, we can be positive holding onto GOD’S promises and trusting that HE will guide us through this momentary situation and being blessed.

Last week I read another blog post that was an encouragement to me. I created a post also by listing 29 things I love about my husband. Check it out. Think on it and maybe you can do something to show encouragement to your spouse.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I lift up the readers of this post. I pray that they will be blessed and bring something away from this post that will help them in their relationships. I thank YOU in advance for hearing and answering my prayer. In the name of the Messiah, Jesus, amen.