Everyday Ruralty
1. Do you have any fun plans for the Summer?

  • We, +Paul Edwards & I, will enjoy some new roads to ride our motorcycles and some other fun Summer stuff… picnics, bbqs, etc.

2. Are you currently dieting or following a specific eating plan?

  • I wouldn’t say yes and I wouldn’t say no. It all depends on one’s definition of dieting. The word diet itself simply means: nutrition, nourishment, food and so on. So, technically, we all diet. Some special, because of health reasons, some for weight loss or control, etc. So, to answer the question, yes, I’m dieting. The general idea is to stay alive. 😉

3. How often do you wear blue jeans (or any other color of denim)?

  • Everyday. Colors range from light blue to black.

4. Who is your favorite singer?

  • I don’t have one specific favorite. I like many. One of which is Natalie Grant, another: Kari Jobe. Those two stand out at the moment.
5. Have you cooked anything interesting lately?
  • I love cooking. So, yes, I have cooked something interesting lately. Loads of things… it’s something different almost everyday. We had an interesting version of a taco salad last night. We used Salmon (baked on the oven with cayenne pepper) instead of chicken or beef. Also, it had regular dinner salad components. We also have some organic jalapeno peppers. So, we cut one of those up and put it in the salad, raw. We used broken up tortilla chips as the bed to start the layers. It was quite yummy.
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