imageEveryday, she woke up. Went through her day. What she didn’t realize is that Yahweh was going through her day with her. What He wanted from her is to have a relationship. [I’m talking about relational, not religious.]

When she prayed she barked orders at Yahweh. She couldn’t figure out why her prayers didn’t get answered. Especially when and how she wanted. She wanted her husband to talk to her. He avoided her. All she did was nag and complain about every little thing. He didn’t want to hear all that. After all, he had his own issues to hammer out. When he offered her solutions all she did is complain that he was too bossy and didn’t listen to her.

Does this sound like you’re marriage interaction and what it is like with Yahweh? [It is how it was for me and my husband.] If so, watch and listen to this video by Marriage Today :: Jimmy and Karen Evans.

Prayer: Dear Abba Yahweh, I lift up the marriages who struggle and seek YOU, but like Karen said in the video, it’s a one way street on their end. I pray that it will become a two-way street and open up a more interactive healing relationship with YOU. Thank You, in advance for hearing and answering my prayer. In the name of Yeshua, the Messiah, amen.