Behind the Scenes: The Call

Today, I’m joining Crystal Stine. Click link above to check it out. Click image below of Behind the Scenes to find out what it’s about.

The Story

Psalm 106:1-3 came to me after a very real and raw miracle from GOD. GOD called upon me to show grace and forgiveness. So, I did.

From 2006-2009 our lives were chaotic and a mess. You see, our pastor of 6 years had a severe and debilitating heart attack in March 2006. The pastor’s wife cut everyone off from communicating or seeing Pastor. The flock began to run amok.

Truth behind the scenes… Pastor was mentoring my husband. Picture with me if you will – Pastor nurturing the growth of my husband’s relationship with GOD. Now, bringing it forward – Pastor is removed from the picture all of a sudden and no communication. Panic struck everyone. We all scrambled to make things work without Pastor. Everyone felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under them. We all of a sudden felt as if we weren’t worthy anymore… Like we didn’t matter anymore. For the next three years I started falling apart as well as my husband.

In 2009 my husband lost his job and was unemployed for most of the year. He hit rock bottom and fell deep into sin. I slipped into heavy depression. One August day we took our dog for a walk in the park. In reality, my husband had decided he was going to give me a good ending. He was going to break up our marriage and leave… GOD had a different plan. That night after the walk GOD kicked it into high gear. My husband decided to confess and seek forgiveness from me for sinning against our marriage. God has been blessing us left and right since!