#BEDN Today’s theme: Food glorious food.

See the video below. Do you remember the play, Oliver? That’s sheer torture for those kids. They’re served slop verses the adult men eating a banquet. There’s something wrong with that picture, in my not so humble opinion.

Yes, that was a depiction. However, many know what it’s like to crave “real” food.

I believe many of us can relate to this on some level. In the U.S. there’s this fight with the food industry to get packaged, canned food labeled with a GMO tag that contains genetically modified organisms. In my personal opinion, I believe we need to get back to putting food dishes together from scratch from our own organic gardens or an organic community garden. Stop eating processed manufactured packaged foods. I can attest to a drastic improvement in my health and well being by doing so. It’s my right to take care of myself. I stopped giving my health to the health and food industry. Anyone can do it. It’s a choice. I choose to live a better quality of life.