#BEDN | Talk about Blogging. 

What do you love about it?I mentioned yesterday how I love to read other blogger’s perspectives on life. I love how one person’s post on a theme/prompt is moving and inspiring and then the next person’s can be funny. What drives you mad about it?
Typing up something and for whatever reason the browser crashes and you lose part of what you just typed. It drives me mad when someone isn’t open minded enough not to be so serious that they trash talk the author or what the author said.

Do you have any brilliant Blogging tips you can share with your readers?
It all depends on what the purpose and use of the blog is going to be. If you want it for business, there’s methods to make money blogging conveying important information to readers. If it’s simply like a journal/diary where you’re sharing life with everyone, be real and vulnerable relating from your own life to the readers. You’re more likely to get more readers with an image in our post. Don’t just paste data from the web. Don’t use other people’s information without citations and giving credit back to original author. Be truthful and honest with your readers. Don’t steal or copy content. Do your own research and use your own words to convey the message.

Any lessons learned?Everything above this question in previous questions.

Any resources?For research, use Google.com. Make sure sites used or credible and have their facts correct.