Today’s prompt is, you guessed it, motivation.

I couldn’t find an image I was happy with, so there is no image in this post related to motivation.

I’ve been told by several people that I’m a motivated person. Here are a couple of examples:

In 2010 I had to have reconstruction surgery on my left knee. My right knee is already bum which is a long story. Maybe sometime I’ll share that story. I like to be physically active. I did not want to end up with two bum knees. After the surgery I began an accelerated physical therapy program on my own. For the 1st ten days after surgery I began flexing my knee to keep it from becoming locked up and stiff. When the Dr gave the all clear that I could do regular exercise/walking I was out walking with +Paul M Edwards and +Hatsu Misa Takara in the park and on the waterfront. On my 20th day after surgery, at the 2nd follow up with the Dr, I did a deep knee squat for the Dr. I thought I was going to have to pick her up off the floor. I continued with that same regimen to strengthen the knee. It got all better and things were working out great.

On September 27th, this year, I broke my left ankle. I had no idea it was broken for four weeks. I just knew it continued to be in pain and swollen. I got it xrayed to find out it was broken. Now, I have an immobilizer boot on it so I can still walk with it. This whole thing is driving me crazy. As soon as the bone is fused together I’ll begin an aggressive physical rehab program on my own to strengthen the leg back up.

My motivation? To be physically active to live and enjoy life. My second motivation is my husband, family and friends. Sitting around not being able to do anything as I watch the world go by is very disconcerting and depressing.

So, to stay motivated for life right now I do these blog posts to share with others.

Never, ever give up! Things that happen in life are temporary. As the saying goes, “This too shall soon pass.” Something else will come along.

What’s your motivation?