Judgment calls

I came across this article while perusing my social media feeds this morning:
Mom Wars by Ashley Willis | Common Women Uncommon Grace

Mom WarsIt is such a great article I had to share it.

Sitting in my plush heated seat of my [what I call my muscle car] dream car I see a mom struggling with her children in the parking lot of a local shopping center. She raises her voice at one of her children. I can see and hear the tension mounting. The children in excited tension feed off mom’s stress. Instead of offering her help I sit there with my self-righteous opinions of how awful this mom is. I sit there thinking how great a mom I am and that I would never do that.

Hold the phone sister… take a look at yourself. You’ve done it too. Maybe not sitting in your car staring at the spectacle, but, you’ve judged another mom at some point. It is human nature.

Well, we all know how wretched the human condition is. We are sinful. We don’t deserve anything.

But, you know what? God chose to show us grace and mercy to forgive us. He is giving us a chance to repent and restore and be renewed in Him.

In Ashley’s article she shared these pieces of scripture:
Luke 11:46 Jesus said, “How terrible for you legal experts too! You load people down with impossible burdens and you refuse to lift a single finger to help them.
Psalm 34: 22 The Lord redeems the life of his servants; none of those who take refuge in him will be condemned.

Isn’t time we put away selfishness and step up to the plate? Isn’t it time we put out a helping hand and show some mercy and grace to moms who need it?

This is my challenge to people everywhere:

  • Instead of thinking how awful a mom is, step up and offer a helping hand. Show her some love. Let’s not forget dads too. They struggle just like moms. Let’s show dads grace and mercy too.
    1. Offer to help with a shopping cart.
    2. Offer to help with a high chair/booster seat in a restaurant.
    3. Take the initiative and ask if you can help with something.

Start the New Year out right!