renew imageHere it is. I first posted this at: A Child of the King! Blog.

It’s where we scrap resolutions and goals because in 10 days or so we’ll have forgotten all about them anyway.

Having one word for the year allows you to focus on becoming a better example of Christ to a lost, hurting and wicked world.

By showing God’s love through your growth shows people that we’ve all fallen from grace and God still shows us His love through the gift of Salvation through Christ. Being an example of Christ shows that God loves us and wants a relationship with us.

What’s your one word? Not only do I have one word. As you can see in the image I also have a verse to go with it. It’s my go to verse to remind me of how my word works in my life.

I challenge you to allow God to speak to your heart and soul giving you your one word and verse. Post it up and share it. Allow your community to hold you accountable by sharing. Come back to your one word and verse often. Evaluate how it’s working in your life and share your experience.

Happy New Year!