I’m switching gears. I’m in the middle of updating all my business presence online. I will be posting a variety of things relating to writing and my marriage on this blog. The previous blog I was posting my FMF posts on is more personal than business.

Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Click image to be teleported over to her website. She hosts FMF.

Five Minute Friday LogoToday, our word prompt is: MESS


When we hear the word mess we think of everything being in a total disarray and dirty. My husband teases me sometimes because when I’m eating food it inevitably ends up down the front of my shirt in my lap and he’ll call me Messy Bessy.

If we step back for a moment and look at our life in general we can see how it can relate to an environment that is a mess. Why?

We try so hard to have things a certain way. We try so hard to please everyone. We feel we can’t be perfect in our faith. Before we know it everything turns into a mess.

I found myself in a heap of mess last year when we moved across three states to make a way and a new home. I found myself sick and injured here and there. When I was over being sick I ended up injured on multiple occasions. Falling into a pool of self-pity is not all that fun. I found myself there and beginning to resent life and my new home. I still struggle because, in reality, it is not really my home. I’m just taking up space in this home.


God is using this to build my character. What kind of mess do you find yourself in?