When You’re Tired!

maskWe all wear masks. We all get weary. We’re all trying to project the persona we think will protect who we really are. We are people pleasers. We all want validation. We all want to be secure in our skin.
We do not want to appear weak and feeble. Appearing weak and feeble only attracts the wrong attention.

My mental arms get tired of switching and holding the masks. Retreating to the depths of my soul for respite helps me to rejuvenate. I isolate and insulate myself from the world.

Click through and read Jennifer Lee Dukes experience with her masks:

I gave up wearing masks some time ago. Like, Dukes, I, occasionally, find myself reaching for a mask for whatever reason. Then I come to my senses and throw down the mask.

The isolation only pushes you further from having a healthy mental life.

What is your experience? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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