mother daughter handWhen our hands met all I could think was how tiny they were. They were perfect little hands. She was never clingy. She loved to have quality time. I read stories to her from her collection of childhood story books. She loved to be close. I loved her close.

She was a charmer. As she grew she could bring a smile to everyone’s face. One day everything changed. She decided she didn’t want to be close anymore. She chose to live her life how she wanted without me.

In her mid-teens she decided it was time to close the door on our relationship.

We keep in touch but, there’s no closeness. We talk but there’s no closeness.

Even though I love her to pieces it’s time to close that door. I leave it unlocked. She can enter it anytime. Only God knows what’s happening. He’s in complete control and I have to trust Him in it. Thank You Father God!

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