night lightsIt was a hot day. The heat slipped into the night. We were looking for a way to cool down.

After finishing with our Bikers For Christ Bible Study and fellowship we decided to ride home by way of the mountains. The route we took is known for street races at night. We were concerned we would encounter them along the way.

Just as we were ascending into the mountains we saw a helicopter in the distance in the foothills. A couple of minutes later fire trucks and police vehicles lined the sides of the road. The helicopter we saw was actually shining lights at the hillside and the EMS were waiting and watching. Paul was concerned if it was safe for us to go forward and asked one the firefighters if it was safe to go on. They waved us on. So, our adventure began.

We rode around curves and some twisties. We passed a few suspicious vehicles going in the opposite direction of us.

There’s one location at a cross roads where local young people meet to hangout. We stop here often to take a quick break and get a drink of water and stretch our legs. As we pulled off the road into the parking area I heard a guy’s voice say: “Do a burnout!” I laughed to myself. Just as we got off the bike I saw the scene in the above image. Now, my mobile phone doesn’t have the best camera for night shots. But, I just had to try anyway. I love to experiment with composition. I saw the silhouette of plant life against the city night lights. The image is a bit painterly, don’t you think? It is blurry, I know. But, sometimes it’s ok. In this instance I think it’s ok.

Just before we geared up to head out Paul struck up a conversation with a couple of guys that were parked and hanging out. Paul asked, “Who asked me to do a burnout?” The guy who asked spoke up and Paul asked him how much he thought the tire costs. Paul also mentioned that the tire was just installed brand new today, Friday. Both guys threw out a guess. Paul told them the cost. This one guy started talking about his dad having motorcycles. The other guy said he wants to get a Ducati. Paul mentioned to him that Ducatis are high maintenance.

We heard loud cars coming up. We turned to look and it was the street racers. We quickly got the heck out of dodge to avoid any situation.

In the span of about 30 minutes Paul encountered two bats swooping down at us as we passed their nesting area. Just as we were nearing a community in the foothills all of a sudden a four-legged creature ran across the road in front of us and leaped off the road into the bush. It was as fast as lightning. It was there and then it was gone. I thought it was a rabbit at first. Paul said he saw the shape of a cat. It was a wild cat.

We also saw two vehicles almost collide at a traffic light.

Just as we moved Southward on the road the moon appeared after passing some tall trees. It was quite golden and large. The moon is in the waning phase after having the Super Moon some nights ago. I’m fascinated with the solar system. I hope to have a telescope one day and use it to capture some awesome art of the sky.

Life is never a dull moment!