bully graffitiI’ve begun a new project to build my blog community and a writing habit. I’ll be participating in this project with Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend.

Today’s writing prompt is: “What really makes me angry about the world?”

In a word, “bullying!”

I endured bullying when I was growing up. At one point in my young adulthood I realized that I was still being bullied. I escaped it. However, bullying is still around me. I see it.

Why do people bully? There’s a number of answers people will come up with. At the core, bullying is fear speaking out. Fear manifests in a plethora of ways. It all depends on one’s personality and the folks in their sphere of influence.

PBS Kids has a webpage dedicated about bullying to help children and families to deal with bullying. You can find it here: What is bullying?

Bullying affects adults too. Read about the different ways adults can bully by clicking here.

Bullying is about being dominate over others and having control over everything.