I’m a day behind the eight ball on my blog posting challenge. I just finished a two-day online class this afternoon. The class started not long after I got out of bed in the morning. It did not leave me any time during the day to do anything else. I say that because yesterday my husband and myself had two appointments in the evening to attend. By the time I got home last night I was sleepy and non functional mentally. I do my best work early in the day.

Tonight I do not have to be anywhere but here. Yesterday’s blog post prompt was: What’s your elevator pitch?

First off, I don’t typically share business stuff on this blog. I have a different blog over at A New Life Oasis where I post business related articles/posts. However, for the posts related to business in this challenge I’ll post here with links to the other blog.

Second, I am working on incorporating my writing with my business. I actually have a book started related to my business. That’s why I’ve decided to participate in the blog challenge to improve my writing to move forward with writing so it will be effective and reach people.

Finally, here’s my elevator pitch/value proposition. I’m sure it could use some improvements. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open.

A New Life Oasis facilitates clients to be empowered to discover and explore their potential to be able to grow through mindset coaching, bodywork and fine art therapy.

What about you? What’s your elevator pitch?