snake oil imageFor centuries people have been using natural holistic healthcare methods. For the same centuries there’s been the adversaries to the holistic healthcare trying to convince the public that it’s quackery or snake oil. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely quackery going on and snake oil being fed to the public at large.

Recently, I read this article by Lindsay:

I agree with everything Lindsay shared in her article.

Personally, I’ve been a huge advocate of holistic healthcare for much of my adult life. I read articles and research ideals and products to get the best information possible. I never self diagnose, however, because, as a non formally trained individual, it’s easy to misdiagnosed and start using some product that could be detrimental to my health. However, in general, there are products (supplements, essential oils, etc) I can use that help in some way.

It’s one thing to have a broken bone or such injury where we “need” professional help to get treatment, but we need to be careful there too. I remember when I was a teenager, one of my sisters was having knee pain, so my mom decided to take her to a general practitioner to have the knee looked at. The M.D. did an x-ray and determined that my sister had a hairline fracture in her knee. They put her leg in a cast from above the knee to her foot behind the toes. She had to use crutches. Six weeks went by and it was time for the M.D. to check the knee with a new x-ray. Surprise! No change. The hairline fracture was still there, so, six more weeks with a new cast. After six weeks, another x-ray with no change again. At this point my mother was livid. She yelled at the M.D. and said she was done dealing with him and was taking my sister to a bone specialist and she did. The specialist was livid that the M.D. was so incompetent. The specialist saw the same thing the G.P. M.D. saw in the x-ray. The specialist announced: “That hairline is supposed to be there.” My sister had to go through physical therapy on the leg because she had gained muscle atrophy [is defined as: the wasting or loss of muscle tissue from non use of the leg.]

Moral of that story: Even medical doctors make mistakes of diagnosis. It’s important to see an expert in an area to make a determination.

We must take charge of our own lives. We must stand up for our rights and stand firm. We must not allow our rights to be trampled on.

We are intelligent beings. Big Brother has been working hard at making us not knowing and helpless slowly over time to have control over us. We need to use our intelligence to investigate, research and apply what we find to be helpful for us to our lives. We need to be pro-active instead of reactive.

In being pro-active we take charge in a controlled sensible and calm manner. In being reactive we lose control and become wildly emotional. Our emotions are fickle and not stable. Emotions are temporary as is situations.

Something Lindsay mentioned in her article was about food. In our culture we’ve given up on raising our own food and given over to the manufactured foods. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about research Monsanto. Then there’s the food manufacturing companies like: Kraft, Pepsico Inc, Tyson Foods Inc., Nestle, General Mills Inc., just to name a few. There are thousands of them. There’s now companies popping up who are producing “organic” products. There’s also the gluten-free movement. I’m on board with the gluten-free.

I believe that over time we’ve become a lazy people. Society and Media have played a huge role in this. There is TV, Radio, and Periodical advertisements that call us to purchase products to make life “easier”. Those ads also have subliminal messaging built-in to attract us to eat more and exercise less. Also, a pill for this and a pill for that.

Everything has become “right now”. We learn to be impatient and expect everything when we want it and how we want it. Like the Mickey D’s commercials: “Have it your way!” We have choices of fast food places to go through the drive through so we don’t even have to stop, park and get out. We can just keep on moving while we purchase and eat our food on the run! We even have food places that will deliver dinner to our door, taking away the work of cooking our meals and the family time in it.

I believe we’ve all been handed a bill of quackery in our culture. I also believe: we believe all this blindly accepting that they’re the professionals and they know what they’re doing. Well, in a way, yes, they do know what they’re doing… they’re taking over our lives and telling us what we can and can’t do. They’re slowly leading us to the slaughter!

Yes, my article may seem sharp and harsh. That’s what “Truth” is. It’s a “smack in the face!” A “wake up call!” Think about it.

[/end soapbox]

Please, no hate comments. Think about what I have written. Investigate with a neutral-open mind. Learn the facts for yourself. All this is my personal observations.

That being said, please comment your thoughts. Offer solutions, no complaints. There’s enough complaining going on. That’s for another article another time.