letterbox imageDear 50 year self,

Life may be tough right now. You perceive that you have been through some hard times. It is hard for you to see what you are capable of. It is hard for you to trust fully in yourself and others. All this will pass. You have accomplished many things in 10 years. Continue to persevere. Continue to be a servant. Do Not Give Up! Never Give Up!

I love my daily routine which includes fitness and an organic lifestyle.

Your dreams will come to fruition. Your hard work will pay off. Stay focused on your path. Remember your dream to be fit? Keep at it. Your dream to travel will be part of your future.

Fine art will play a huge roll in your future. Fine art will meet a huge need in time. Many will be inspired and encouraged by your art. Also, in time many publications will be authored by you.

Natural Medicine becomes the standard for healthcare combined with technology and many cures come about. Poverty is done away with. People will not go hungry nor do they live on the streets.

With love, care and compassion,

Your 80 year old self