intention imageLast week I took an online course that was a crash course in people skills and communicating with them.

The presenter was quite impressive. Considering she’s been in her career for ten years. I did recognize some of the technique she was teaching.

The main thing I took away from this class is a very basic concept: Intention.

When we go prudently into a project, meeting or even a job interview we have a purpose and end result we intend to drive home and win over the opposition/team member/prospective employer/family member. Whichever may be the case. Oh yes, this technique can be applied to any type of relationship, be it business, personal or social. It’s all about communicating effectively. Which, by the way, many of us suck at. I know I do. My husband tells me I talk too much. And to that I ask, “Do I?”

We humans are quite dynamic in our personalities, because, we are one or both of being extrovert or introvert. The complicated minds we have can exhibit traits from many different personality styles. There are combinations galore. What I discovered a while back is this for myself: I’m an extroverted introvert. What? Yea, I asked that too. Then, the presenter explained a diverse amount of information that allowed this conclusion.

With that, it is all as dynamic as the root system of the “HomeTree” like in the movie “Avatar”. All the character traits overlap and intertwine.

Learning how to interact with and utilize these traits allows one to communicate more effectively.

Over the next few weeks or so I’ll post more and explain my take away from this course. At some point I intend [oh, there’s synonym word of intention] to purchase some books that go into great detail about this subject matter.

What’s your experience or your take on this? Share with me in the comments I’d like to hear from you on this.

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