frolicking imageI have accepted a challenge given by a blog writing group online. The challenge is to “go and pick out your favorite book (it could be fiction or non-fiction). Flip through the book and stop on a page. Skim the page for a sentence that speaks to you. Write a post based upon your reactions to the sentence.”

I have many favorite books. The one I chose is: Heart to Heart Love Stories compiled by Joel L. Wheeler and published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

The sentence: “You think we frolicked along in tune all the way?” on page 139 from the story “Latch The Door Lightly” by Catherine Boyd. The story is related to marriage.

I chose this sentence because it makes a great point about relationships. Relationships are complicated by each of our expectations of, not only the other person in the relationship, but, by expectations of one’s self. We feel and think we need to be a certain way or do things a certain way to be accepted by the other person.

In order to have successful loving relationships, we have to know ourselves and the other person. By knowing each other we can work through situations that arise. We must put our selfishness aside and meet each others needs. By laying ourselves aside, allowing ourselves room to grow, we grow together.

Relationships are hard work. If we expect them to work we must put in the effort. “Working at having great relationships is not for the faint of heart.” Tweet this!

We tend to live in our own fantasy world, thinking everything has to be perfect and that our lives will turn out the way we expect. In relationships, life isn’t only about us. We have to consider the other person’s feelings and needs. There will be bumps and obstacles in the road. We need to learn to navigate around them.

The way we live our lives creates a legacy which is passed down through the generations. Adventures and experiences we share with our loved ones are positive additions to the legacy.

What legacy are you passing down? Leave a comment and let’s talk about our legacies.