doll image{In 1974}, I turned 10 years old. That was a huge year for me.

It was a time of adventure. I love to explore. At 10 years old it was the height of excitement to go on an adventure and explore my world.

So, imagine my excitement when my parents announced we were going across the country on vacation.

I was raised as a city girl for 12 years. So, at 10 years old going on vacation into the countryside opened up a whole new adventure.

My big thing at the time was baby dolls. I loved all manner of dolls, from Barbies to babies. I had quite a collection by 10 years old.

While we were on our vacation I had my 10th birthday. I recall my mother asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her, “I  want a baby doll.” It looked much l like the one above. The only difference is mine had a pink dress and no hat. I was so excited to receive it. I carried it everywhere as well as slept with it. One day on an outdoor adventure to a park/lake as I climbed out of the car, with baby doll in tow, and my mother told me I had to leave baby doll in the car. I asked, “But why?” I never did get a valid answer. It was a parent’s prerogative to exhibit authority whenever for whatever reason they deemed important. I whimpered and relented because I love adventure so much. I left baby doll in the car. She was in good condition when I returned.

Today I still carry my love for dolls. Some years ago a friend invited me to a baby doll and teddy bear show nearby where we lived. I went to explore what they had to offer. That year I bought a travelling teddy bear and its travel trunk, because, my other love happens to be stuffed teddy bears. I only had a certain amount of money to spend. The baby dolls were out of my price range. I proudly displayed my travelling teddy bear in his trunk at home. I loved that I could change his outfits. I still have him today. He’s in storage though. The next year I had planned ahead for this show. I saved up some money to buy a baby doll. I found a realish baby doll that I fell in love with. She has red pigtails and pretty green eyes. She came with jammies. I found a vendor selling outfits that would fit her. I picked out and bought the perfect outfit. I brought her home, then, I changed her into her new outfit. I had to find the perfect place to display her. After all, it’s a bit strange for a grown woman to be carrying around a baby doll. I discovered the perfect display location and placed her there. She sat there for a some years. I made sure she was clean and well-organized. I found that my kitty, India, liked her. India would often lay next to the doll. I call the doll Stephie.

In 2013 we moved two states away into a space that isn’t big enough to put my “toys” on display. I keep them in storage for now. I’ll see if I can find a photo of Stephie that I took of her in her display location and share it here.

What is your story to share of your favorite thing at 10 years old? Comment below and share about it.