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“Often, people work long hard hours at jobs they hate to earn money to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like.” Nigel Marsh in: Work Life Balance Ted Talk



Many people live in a rat race as described in the quote above by Nigel Marsh.

I’m here to talk about what it means to me to get out of the rat race. What does that look like to me?

To me, getting out of the rat-race would be working at a job where I love what I do and being happy in it. It isn’t about impressing anyone. It’s about living and working in a life where others derive joy and happiness from the results of the work done.

Today we hear talk about finding our passion and working at it and we’ll never work another day in our life. That sounds glorious honestly. Who wouldn’t want to live like that?

Instead of slaving away at a job we hate and are stressed in misery because we’re not building our dream, we’re building our boss’ dream, we need to find our own passion and dream and build our own dream. In doing this we help empower others to do the same. I love the Zig Ziglar quote:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

First thing, I need to not be in debt. My husband and I took a 10 week course through Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. We learned how to not be in debt all the way to being financially free. It was a very good course to teach us a new mindset about finances and budgeting.

Second, I love the concept of being able to help people be free! Free in many ways in life. We must first learn to clear away the obstacles and limiting beliefs we’ve created in our minds. These beliefs come from being around the people in our lives, Media and so on. We develop these beliefs over our life.

Finally, I love the idea of taking a leap of faith and go with my gut feeling [intuitive sense] and trust God that He will meet my needs and lead me in the right direction to build a dream.

To build on my leap of faith is that I’ve already laid aside my self-limiting beliefs. I’ve already listened to God’s call to build a ministry empowering women to be successful in life. I’ve already started the first baby-step. What is that you’re probably wondering?

  1. The ministry is: “Digital Empowerment”.
  2. On the right in this blog you see myInstagram feed. It’s an example of a part of this Digital Empowerment.
    • The other part of this ministry is my personal tribe of women receiving a morning digital blessing to get their day started, which might include wishing one or more of the women “happy birthday”. That happened today actually. It encourages the other women in the group to wish a happy birthday. Supporting each other. We need to be nourished.
    • Another part of this is that I seek prayer requests and pray for each woman. This is rich!
  3. Later, down the road somewhere it will include a short video message of encouragement and empowerment.
  4. The sky’s the limit!

If you’re interested in following me on Instagram you can click my feed and then click follow. If you don’t have an account, create one and participate. The thing I love about open forum setup is that people can encourage each other in the chat thread of the image. It happens. It’s awesome!

My dream for this ministry is to coach women who need further help. We get mentally stuck sometimes. In that, it helps to get direction and to remove the obstacles and clear the way to move forward. This could be of many ways through coaching, stress relieving bodywork, and or art therapy. It’s quite dynamic actually.

One question:

  • What’s does it mean to you “to get out of the rat-race”? Let’s chat. Leave me a comment.