eye image

This image was found via creative commons and modified for this post.

We’ve all heard the expression: “The eyes are the window to our soul.”

I’ve been given the challenge from two different resources to express what lights up my soul.

I’m visual kinesthetic. For those of you who aren’t familiar to the phrase visual kinesthetic, it means this:

  • I work best with visual aids and learning by doing. So, in essence show me how it’s done and I’ll watch and do it. I’m a hands on person as well as doing by seeing it done.

That leads me to one of my passions in life, photography. Here’s one of the art pieces I created:


I will make a list of 10 things that light up my soul in no particular order:

– Seeing God’s creation
– Seeing and hearing the laughter of happy people
– Smiling at someone who has a frown and their frown gets turned into a smile
– Loving on people when they reach out needing help
– Giving without the expectation of getting anything back in return
– Seeing someone’s eyes light up with joy.
– Loving my husband and family
– Feeling the presence of God wash over me.
– Just at the right moment when God shows me an awesome picturesque scene to capture as art

What about you? What lights up your soul? Leave me a comment and let’s chat.