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“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” -Elon Musk

She’s a genius, she’s outstanding in her field are two things that have never been said of me. It’s obvious once you’re around me for more than five minutes I’m quite unique. I’ve never been one to “go along with the crowd.”

I exude confidence. You can see me in a power pose almost all the time. I have a strong personality. Most people are intimidated by me. Once people get to know me they say I’m funny, likable and generally fun.

What does this have to do with defying the odds you wonder?

I’m a no non-sense type of person. I can tell when someone is off-loading a wagon of manure. I call the carpet on them. I challenge them.

It’s one thing when someone is being comical and putting on a show. But, it’s quite another when someone is messing with lives and telling lies and bullying people.

I won’t name names for privacy’s sake. However, let’s call this person Jane. On one occasion I was asked to be present while Jane gathered her belongings from her previous residence because she had had a enough, but, was afraid to go alone. One of the resident occupants of the home was abusive causing injury to Jane. I went inside the residence to accompany Jane. Not only was I accompanying Jane, I was a bodyguard for her. I stood between Jane and the other resident, a male mind you. He was busy hurling slanderous things at Jane. I stood my ground. I even told him to back off. You could tell he was intimidated by me. Jane was able to gather her belongings and leave without incident, because, she felt safe that I was there with her. Even with a sheriff’s deputy standing outside.

It’s no secret that I am totally against bullying. I was bullied for numerous years before I found my voice!

I love motorcycling. My road name is: Lady Gladiator. In this image, I’m standing with my motorcycle on one of our rides. There I am in a power pose!


Many women can be seen spread across a motorcycle like butter. I’ve always been a rough and tumble kind of person. A protector. A guardian.

What’s the take away from this post?


My day job is being a life coach, body-worker and photographer. “My goal is to help you explore and develop your inner awesome so you will be successful in life.”

Have you defied the odds? If so, share your story in the comments below. Let’s chat!
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