My challenge is to answer this question:

  1. 1. Humans desire the need to create and learn. How do you incorporate life long learning and how it has helped you?

I dub myself a life long student. I’m a life long learner. Here’s an example:

  • I finished my primary and secondary schooling. I continued to pursue learning by going to college for a 2 year program. I finished that. Then, 7 years later, I went back to school for a fast track advanced training course. It was an 8 week course. I then started working in that particular field for a couple of years. A life changing situation occurred and I went back to school for a one year college training course. After graduating that course I worked in that field for 10 years. Advance to today. I found myself having to reinvent myself and start over again. I took another fast track advanced course that was 8 weeks. Also, after finishing that course I found myself hungering to learn even more. I started taking online courses to improve my business savvy and improve my photography skills. I’ve had a passion for photography as long as I can remember–since I was a child. Last year I signed up for this awesome opportunity to participate in something that is a new style of learning and applying this to my life, with my creativity.

At this point, I’m at a cross-roads in my life and left having to make a life changing decision. This opportunity would place me square in front of experts in the creative world who would be able to inspire and encourage my skills, technique and creativity.

I will continually seek learning and educating myself to improve myself, as well as, offer my knowledge to others to help them.

I also love this quote:

“When we stop learning we stop growing!”

This quote mostly refers to our mental state. When we stop growing mentally our brain dies in a way that puts us in a state of living day-to-day, paycheck to paycheck, a mundane life. We live in a rut on auto-pilot. No adventure. No risk taking. We play the what-ifs game. We start living by what the news and commercials tell us.

I don’t know about you, but, living in a state of zombie-ism is not appealing to me at all. I want to experience and take risks. So what if I fail at something. Learn from that failure and try something new until you find the right thing to do.

FAIL image

Go for it! Take the leap of faith and just do it! Like Nike says.

So, my question to you is the exact same question posed to me:
How do you incorporate life long learning and how it has helped you? 

I challenge you today to search deep within yourself to answer this question. Comment below and let’s chat. I’d love to hear from you.