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Image by Walt Stoneburner

I anticipate the writing prompts from the writer’s guild I participate in. This week’s challenge is to write about a book I’d author.

The title would be: “Her Secrets; The Journey!” It documents her journey to freedom from the secrets that imprisoned her.

So many women live secret lives of quiet desperation. This journey would show women that they’re not alone. This journey would show them they can be freed from the mental prison they live in. This journey would open up a world of endless possibilities in life, love and happiness. This journey would shed light on the darkest places to stamp out all the self-limiting beliefs they’ve adopted and open up new worlds of thinking to endless possibilities.

I chose this book and its title because I’ve lived in a mental prison and with self-limiting beliefs. When the prison gates were blown off their hinges a whole new world of endless possibilities was exposed. I reached a point of “There’s No Turning Back!”

We can all have this freedom. The only thing holding me back and blocking me was myself. All I needed to do is get out of my own way! Once I got out of my own way “the race was on!” I’m a woman on a mission! Everyone who crosses my path knows they’ve crossed my path and are blessed by it. If only one person gets blessed I’ve done what I have set out to do.