Healthy GardenAs a Christ Follower I do my very best to live a Godly life. At times, though, I slip, I stumble, and I fall. Without fellowship and the church body–the body of Christ there’s no way possible to be able to grow.

I say this because we all need tending to spiritually. Just like anything living and growing, we need food, water, and sunlight to live. The Church body, God’s Word and fellowship help each one of us in this way. The Church body helps us in keeping us responsible, accountable and growing in faith. God’s Word feeds our spirit and soul.

My friend and minister, Caleb Suko, wrote the linked article. It feeds my spirit and soul. In the article Caleb lists 13 principles. Each principle is important to the other. Doing one without the others is like sprinkling a plant with just one or two drops of water in the scorching sun. Without proper care the plant will whither up and die. The only thing you want to die is a grandiose ego.

How to Be Successful in Ministry -13 Principles

Starve ego; feed soul