I remember as a little child at Christmas Time seeing the bright lights and pretty colors beaming. I recall how I loved to watch in wonder at night when my parents drove us to a destination passing by the houses and businesses all decorated for Christmas.

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. However, on some Sundays a church bus would come around to take us to church. My parents allowed me to go. My mother displayed a huge Bible opened to an indiscriminate page. It wasn’t used. It was only for display. I remember asking my mom about it. She gave a quick reply with no meaning. As a kid, I didn’t push further. I knew what would come if I did. I chose not to go there.

My mother could see my interest and inquisitiveness.

Christmas. At the age of 12, all three of us, my sisters and I, each received a leather-bound zippered KJV Holy Bible from my parents. Friends from school invited me to church. I began attending with my friends at a church a few doors down from our house.

Today my post is inspired by Jennifer Watson’s story. She shared a memory from her past and her broken-ness at the time. A time when the Holy Spirit was there to hold her through her moment. I’m inspired by it because she said this:

“I don’t know what you are experiencing right now, but I know so many of you are dealing with a loss of a loved one or maybe even a death of a dream.”

Throughout my life I’ve done my best to stay connected spiritually to a “church family”, reading my devotions, and praying. However, each step in life has been a struggle for me. I look back and see how my selfishness has been a blocker. When something didn’t go as I planned I’d get bent out of shape over it.

I have had dream after dream. I had to step back and do some deep soul-searching to really see what’s been happening. In everything I’ve made it about me. It’s not about me. It’s about God, my Savior-The Messiah-The Holy Spirit. He stepped in and held me even when I wasn’t aware. He expressed His love to me over and over again. He even showed up in an epic way in 2009 at a time in my life where I was at my lowest. He never gives up!

In 2010 after my husband’s mini-vacation to visit his father, he came home and said to me, “I want to go home!” At that point I was ready for a change in my life. I was ok with it. However, year after year went by. I’d given up on his idea of going home. Life for me was going great. My business was finally building again. Then, it happened. In 2013 he came to me and said, this is the year. His contract job was coming to an end. He would need to find a new job. He prayed about it. Again, I found myself putting me in the picture and playing the pity party card. Then, my husband landed an awesome work from home job. It didn’t matter where he was as long as he had a good Internet connection. I didn’t know what month he was going to finally decide to make the move home though. Because, the new job started in March. May came, this was it. We started planning and setting up the move to Southern California from WA State. We finally got moved. Ever since then I’ve struggled… with my health, with a job, etc, etc.

The Holy Spirit… He’s so awesome! Thank You, Yahweh. The Epic Gift, The Messiah. He came so that I may have life and have life abundant. It’s time for me to stop the pity party. It’s time for me to just live and allow God’s leading.

In the image above you see the basic message. Also, you see the link on the image: http://TrinityDigitalMinistry.org. That’s the ministry God has placed on my heart! Also, He has placed me in a class to learn to be a ministry. He has also given me a tribe of women to minister to. At the moment the website is inactive because of my class. However, there is a daily scripture image created and sent to the tribe via mobile texting. It’s only the start. God has bigger plans for this ministry. It’s HIS dream for me. I’m His vessel. He is using me to encourage and inspire you.

What’s your story? Do you accept God’s Epic Gift of The Savior, The Messiah, Yeshua, in your life?

Contact me, or leave me a comment below. Please interact and share. Your story will touch someone.

Merry Christmas!