day-7-five-minute-fridayI’ve never been a fan of taking tests of any kind.

When it comes time to take a test I fall into crisis mode and go into full on panic attack. I’ve been that way since I was a kid.

I discovered in time that I have a type of dyslexia that is called “a tracking problem”. Basically, my functioning gets jumbled up. Sometimes, when I talk, I’ll say phrases out of order or backwards. For example, my car has heated leather seats. It’s a great feature in Winter. When I tell someone that I’m going to use the heated seat, I say something like; I can’t wait to use the seated heat. When I read my eyes/brain will pick up words from other parts of the page and I’ll read that word in place of another, making gibberish out of what I’m reading. I’m unable to follow written directions or instructions.

99% of the time, I fail written tests. By George, give me a  hands on practical test and I’ll pass it 100% of the time.

How are you with a test? Comment your experience.

This is day 7 of write 31 days. It also happens to be Five Minute Friday.