day-9-post-itEverywhere you look you see things posted around cities and towns. You can see them on fence posts, utility poles, windows, and everywhere. Even on bumpers of automobiles.

What’s in a post?

There are all different kinds of posts. Here is a list of some:

  1. Fence post. LOL, just a little humor.
  2. Post-it notes.
    1. You know; those little – colored square sticky notes. I’ve seen some people decorate an entire wall in their home office with them. They’re used for all sorts of things, namely reminders.
  3. Blog post. That’s what this is today.
    1. They’re used to write articles or journals online, or, if you like, private; for your eyes only.
  4. Post an ad. Before the Internet, people would post ads of various types in newspapers and magazines.
    1. With the Internet, there’s the infamous “Craig’s list” people will post all sort of stuff there.

How do you “post-it” when you need to post something? Comment your answers and let me know.