Five Minute Friday.
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For today:


Sending a letter used to be a huge thing before email. So, now instead of using the USPS, we use email.

“When I took command in Vietnam, I gave great emphasis to food and medical care – and to the mail.” -William Westmoreland

I’ve heard through the grapevine that military troops overseas love to hear from the folks back home. They love to receive mail. It connects them with their tribe at home. I’ve also heard of groups of people setting up programs where they assign a person the name of a military person overseas and then the person sends correspondence to the military person. Some groups even create care packages to mail to the troops.

So, despite what some people say, the postal service (snail mail as some call it) is still active.

The other thing I’ve seen lately with the mail service is that some shipping companies will hand off packages to the local postal services to deliver packages. The postal service has even started delivering packages on Sundays.


Side note: I just sent a letter to my daughter with a special piece of important information she can use to help in receiving Rx discounts for the family.

Do you still use snail mail? If so, comment how you use it. Happy Friday!

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