Friday! We know how we all love Friday.

As the image indicates; it’s five minute Friday and day 21 of write 31 days. We have 10 days left in this month’s writing challenge.

So, on with today’s word: Park.


I struggle big time with car parks.

I can park the car. Go into the store. Do my shopping. Check out.

I walk out of the store and go into panic mode. Even with a key fob that can make noise that causes the lights to flash and the horn to honk. I stand there ready to collapse. I am unable to recall where I parked.

So, I’ve come up with a plan. I park. I get out of the car. I line myself up with the entry into the store and I turn in a circle where I stand looking at everything from every angle. All the land markers that are fixed.

When I come out of the store I look for the land markers from that angle. I am able to get to my car without going into panic mode.

What’s your car park experience? I’d like to know how you cope.