Have you ever been on a road trip and all of a sudden your tire blows out?

Yeah, I have too!

You’re enjoying your trip. You’re having a blast checking the sights. You hop back into your car and start driving.

You’re all excited because there is this one site you’ve been jonesing to get to the entire trip. There’s still some daylight left before you stop for the night.

You’re driving along, listening to the radio, and talking with the others in the car with you.

All of a sudden, thud, and more thud, thud, thud as the car wobbles on the road, almost out of control. You exclaim, “Wow! What was that?” Then, you realize, it’s a flat tire.

Chaos ensues. You find out that the spare tire is also flat! You well and truly have a blowout! Not on one tire, but, two tires.

The tow truck arrives to tow your car to the nearest service/repair station. Not where you wanted to be.

Change of plans!

What’s your experience with blowouts? I’m full of stories of them. I joke and tell my husband I’m a tire changing expert.

Comment your experience. Let’s chat about it. I’m sure there’s some hilarity in there somewhere, right?