day-25-signA popular country comedian had a joke he used in his routine that he called, “Here’s Your Sign.”

It was wildly popular for folks to use it as many folks felt a certain way toward some people.

The meaning behind the phrase?

Was this:
Bill Engvall, a comedian, states that stupid people should have to wear warning signs that simply state “I’m stupid.”

You’ve come across some people in your life that, I am willing to bet, you felt needs to wear a sign that said they’re stupid, as a warning to you.

I know it’s mean. However, if we had a warning about this it would help us navigate through these stupid situations we unknowingly get into with people. Don’t you agree?

For example, a trucker gets his truck stuck under an overpass, and the responding police officer asks “Hey, you get your truck stuck?” The trucker answers, “No sir, I was delivering that overpass and I ran out of gas. Here’s your sign.” Quoted from wikipedia article.

What’s your experience with stupid situations with others? I’m sure there are some funny ones. Don’t be shy. Let me know. I need a good laugh from time to time. I’m sure there are others who do also.