I love colors! My favorite is purple.

What’s your favorite color? Comment and share a story you have about your favorite color.

I love flowers, crayons, and the rainbow. What do all three of these have in common? Comment your answer and let me know.

I recall coloring a lot when I was a little kid. It was quite therapeutic for me.

As I grew, I loved arranging flowers in bouquets. A few times when visiting my aunt, who is a florist, I’d ask if I could help in her shop. I also had a friend who was a florist. As a young adult, I asked her if she needed help in her shop. She allowed me to help her as well.

My favorite flower is roses. I recall seeing in movies and in real life when roses were given in bouquets to friends. I even received some once in a while. I recall thinking how beautiful they are. I create art with flowers. Here’s a recent piece I created with a rose.

What’s your experience with bouquets?