The quill script image can be found here. I borrowed it.

Today, I’m behind in my word count. According to NaNoWriMo, in order to reach a 50,000 word novel at the end of 30 days, I must put in 1,667 words each day. I took a break over the weekend and didn’t put in any words. It’s hard to catch up.

Why? Because I have to live outside of writing. Cook, clean, laundry, take care of my husband, Mr. TechnoGeek and our dog child, the WonderDog.

I do better when I’m alone. Therefore, all my writing is done during the day when Mr. TechnoGeek is at work or out riding on the motorcycle, or if he’s sound asleep.

So, today, I bring you a small excerpt from my novel: “Ninja Capers”.

Róng chose not to become a trainer at the training center because he didn’t want to live a solitary life, like a monk. He wanted to have a family and experience life in a familial way. Also, because of his faith in God, he didn’t want to compromise his beliefs by being a murderer and sometimes lying to people. His history with ninjas goes back to ancient times. He wants Lalita to know the legacy and to also pass it down to her family when she has her own someday. Róng secretly lives out his faith because he doesn’t want to risk his family and friends, as well as his country, finding out, because they will excommunicate him and at some point kill him to prevent him from spreading, what they feel, is lies and garbage about God. They believe in Buddhism and that it’s the way of life. Which he was raised with. At some point in his spy work, he came across a Christian missionary that he confided in and was saved and baptized. Róng then had to figure out a way to practice his faith. His wife, Anne, knows of his faith, because, she was raised Catholic. She converted to Christianity after meeting and marrying Róng. Róng did his best, with Anne, to raise Lalita with Christian values. At her 21st birthday celebration while they are having their family meal Róng and his wife will share their faith with Lalita and do their best to reach her so she will accept Jesus and become a believer as well.

This is a small portion of the story. The full story is about Lalita, the Ninja Girl. Her story is that she’s a jokester ninja and with her father’s help on occasion will prank people with her ninja skills.