The month of November. A month of thanks and gratitude. Among other things. Today we happen to be celebrating Veteran’s Day in the U.S. Both of my parents served in the Navy. I have friends who serve as well as the family of friends who serve. It’s counted as a great honor to serve as protectors of our free nation. Thank you to all of you who serve now and those who served. I appreciate you, all!

Now, for today’s five minute Friday post. Our word prompt for this week:



I’ve included a quote for today, by William Arthur Ward. Since we’re using November as a month of gratitude I felt it was a good fit.

When we choose to be grateful and show gratitude, in the end, it turns into blessings.

We all enjoy blessings. I don’t always post about it, but, I am grateful. I’m grateful for new mornings, the sunshine, rain, the moon and stars, even ordinary mundane things. I have the chance to do a mundane thing into something great and wonderful, like eating greens. Most people don’t like greens. They call it “rabbit food”. I happen to like “rabbit food”. When combined with the right stuff it can be pretty darn tasty.


What do you do with “the common”? Comment and let me know.