Oh! Here we are! At Friday! Ain’t Friday’s grand?  Click the image and be transported to Kate’s blog and see the other’s submissions about crave.

Five minutes is all it takes. Today’s prompt, yes, crave!


My post is going to be a love letter of sorts to my husband. Instead of pounding on about cravings of whatever sort.

My dear husband is a delight! I look forward to his returning home daily after a long day at work.

His mouth is sweetness. He is absolutely desirable. This is my love, and this is my friend, young women of Jerusalem. Song of Songs 5:16

I love him! He is a great best friend. I love going on adventures with him and exploring life together. He is a great encourager and protector. I love how he helps me when I need it. I love also how he walks on my side between me and danger to protect me.


To continue for a minute. What do you crave or desire? Yahweh’s word helps us to know good from bad.

On another note: I did not get my novel finished in a month’s time. However, I continue to work at it. It’s developing nicely. Thank you all for your encouragement as I work through it.