connect-five-minute-friday-january-6th-2017Happy New Year!

It’s that time of the week again. Yes, it’s 5 Minute Friday. How’d you guess? LOL.

Write for 5 minutes. Don’t worry about typos. Just type.

Here we go:

How many times have you been invited to some event and didn’t really want to go; but you did anyway?

Once you’ve arrived and started to interact you realize, hey, this isn’t so bad. I’m actually enjoying myself.

There’s always, always, that one person you just click with, in a crowd.

The professionals tell us we need community. God’s word tells us we need community. It must be then.

We have a community to connect and help us keep it real! It’s easy in this day and age with technology and “reality TV” to cause us to go into fantasyland. We can mentally create our own “happy place”. While having a “happy place” is nice. We must touch base with reality. Having community to connect with helps us do that.

It’s not good to be in isolation. We’ve seen movies and books made from people who have done this. Usually, not always, but usually, those people go bonkers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Solitude and isolation are two completely different worlds.

Solitude is having downtime to have quiet time and to wind down from all the things we experience prior. A time to recharge.

Isolation is when one withdraws from life due to whatever negativity going on with them to avoid dealing with life outside. Being isolated allows the mind to go wild thinking whatever negativity that’s going on is a reality. When it is not so. I could write a whole different blog post about this. I’ll save it for another time.

Get connected with a community. It’s very healthy for you!

Many blessings to you in the new year!