We all have a lot going on. We have full plates. Our minds race with what we need to get done.

Where does Yahweh fit in?

Some days, I’ll be honest, it’s hard to dwell in thankfulness. When life’s busyness whirls around and through me, I feel as though I’m going to be crushed by it.

Today starts my 21 Day Adventure with Suzie Eller. I’ll take her lead and ask here what she did over on her blog:

Q: “Thankfulness makes more room for God.” Describe your response to this statement; in the comments.

This adventure is about being real. We dig deep. It’s going to be some heart work. It’s about being vulnerable and working out how to be thankful and allowing Yahweh in and being “His dwelling place.”

Be willing and ready to throw open the door of your heart to be joyful in inviting Yahweh into your heart. Let’s face it, sometimes, we don’t want to invite anyone in; let alone Yahweh, right?

We’ll work through the attitudes to become joyful and ready to invite Yahweh, and others, into our hearts.

Yes, it’s tough, hard work. In the end, it’s very much worth it. I promise!

Respond in the comments. Fill in the blank with that response above. Do you need prayer? Contact me here, if so.

Thank you for joining me.

My response to the fill in the blank above is:

It’s like doing a Spring clean. You clean out all the junk, bad attitudes, laziness, etc, and make room for Yahweh. When you clean out all the junk and see the good you want to be thankful for the good. You want to express it. You want to share it with others.

Your turn!