We’ve all heard to sermons about the power of the tongue. It’s all over Scripture. Proverbs is full of scripture about it. The book of Psalm, Isaiah, and more talks about it. Today, Day 4 of 21-day adventure (I’m one day behind. I’ll catch up over the weekend), we’re talking about healing words.

Proverbs 18_21

I struggled growing up. Verbal abuse is nothing to sneeze at. All over the Internet, we see articles and posts giving tips on ways to send positive messages to our loved ones and to be positive in the world to make a difference in lives. There’s way too much negative talk. Even within ourselves. We tend to be hard on ourselves and our self-talk can be as harmful as people saying mean things to us.

Suzie shared a quote in her post. I’ll share it here also.

“Kind words do not cost much. They never blister the tongue or lips. They make other people good-natured. They also produce their own image on men’s (women’s, children’s) souls, and a beautiful image it is.” -Blaise Pascal

Kind words are healing. You could be the seed planter, nurturer, or harvester. No matter what part you are, being a part of someone’s healing, even yours, is powerful, because, healing words impact us first.

There are lots of ways to share healing words. Be creative. In the meantime, try these:

  • Leave a note in an unexpected spot, i.e. their lunchbox, pc screen, bathroom mirror, or pillow, etc.
  • Send them an email, text, or their favorite digital messaging system.
  • Give them a greeting card just because, with kind and healing words.
  • Write them a full sized letter. Suzie mentions how her son left his father a 3-page letter that turned into a cherished thing he kept and still has years later.
  • On occasion, I send Paul a digital message, (he dislikes dead trees). It’s just as powerful as a paper note/letter, to some. I also sometimes create digital art and dedicate it to him with a poem along with it.
  • Knowing a person’s love language helps tremendously in this area too. If you haven’t learned them yet, do it. Do it, now! (lol)

Here’s today’s challenge:

–  Choose for one day to speak healing words. Kind words.

Q: After the one-day challenge answer these questions – Was this a challenge? Why or why not?

Q: Proverbs 18:21 says that the tongue has the power of life or death. What does that mean to you personally?

Q: “I only offer kind words when they are deserved.” Share your response to that statement.

My answers:

  1. I have been speaking healing and kind words for quite some time now. At first, yes, it was a challenge, because, after being in an environment of negativity I had to learn how to overcome the negative to be positive. Once the brain is rewired it’s easier to do.
  2. As I mentioned I lived in an abusive environment for quite a long time. Mentally, I felt dead. After removing myself from the abuse and learning to rewire my ways of thinking; life was breathed into me and I came back to life. I can spot dead talk immediately now. When it’s appropriate I interject into the situation and stop the person doing the dead talk. I’ve learned to talk people down after a situation like that. It’s very hard for the person, and me too. It’s emotionally draining.
  3. In my opinion, everyone needs kind words. If we don’t speak kind words how are things going to change? Negative doesn’t beget positive. Positive can stamp out negative.

Your turn!