We’ve been focusing this week on the hard stuff. Suzie did a wrap-up video and talks about why the hard stuff first. Then she talks about what’s coming up next week. I’ll have the video at the end of this post.

But, first, let’s look at Luke 10:1-4

Day 5 - #21dayadventure Luke 10_1-4 image

Talk about traveling lite. These 72 new disciples were being sent into a den of wolves and told not to take anything with them but what is on their person. No extra money, no extra sandals, no travel bag, and no weapons.

Have you ever traveled like that? I don’t ever recall doing so. However, I am like Suzie. I travel lite.

One year soon after my husband and I started doing road trips on motorcycles we took a class that taught us to pack lite; travel lite. We learned what to pack and how to pack. Like Suzie, I learned what fabrics work with packing lite and still look good. So, I learned how to travel lite.

Today, I’d like to spend a few minutes talking about our emotional baggage.

When we clear out the cobwebs and stinking thinking we make room for Yahweh’s blessings and promises.

Yes, it’s hard work. But, getting the hard work done lets us have fun and praise Yahweh and pack His promises into our travel bag (emotional carry-on luggage).

So, what emotional baggage are you holding onto that you can unpack and abandon?

After reading this post and watching the video, comment your answers. Let’s all share and help each other through this.

This is where I’ll fit in Five Minute Friday as well. It works great for today’s post. (Click image to visit Kate and see other’s FMF posts as well. This week’s prompt is:

fmf abandon image

I’ve worked hard over the years to unpack [abandon] the unwanted emotional baggage. Just like traveling, we end up not needing everything we pack. Packing unneeded extras only creates more work in the long run.

Inventory your emotional baggage. Work out what you don’t need and let it go [abandon it]. Just like we talked about in an earlier post about hoarding. In the long run, we don’t need the “stuff”. It’s the same with emotional baggage. Once you’ve unpacked [abandoned] and repacked what’s necessary you’ll find how much of a blessing it is to pack lite! It leaves room to pack Yahweh’s promises and blessings.

This first week [five days] we talked about these:

1 – A Promise; Dwelling In Thankfulness
2 – From A Pit To A Promise
3 – Junk Removal
4 – Speak Healing Words
5 – Travel Lite

Watch and listen to this video. Suzie Eller is leading this Bible study. I’m simply putting my spin and touches on it for you, those who follow along. You’re more than welcome to follow Suzie directly. If not, that’s great too. Thank you for your support.